Pedestrians in the city can walk in relief shortly!

16th October, 2013    comments

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The hawkers occupying a major portion in the city are being served by eviction notice by the district administration.

This will avoid bottle neck traffic to a great extent.There are lots of small shops on the streets that serve as shopping paradise for those who are seeking cheeper products.The city roads, especially the one beside the University Men’s Hostel at palayam, are famous for second-hand booksellers.


As time passed, other hawkers too invaded the major space of the city and caused a head-ache for the traffic system.Presently a major portion of the area meant for pedestrians and motorists are occupied by these hawkers.

As such pedestrians have to struggle to walk along the road side, putting their in danger.


The district administration has decided to move all the enroachments within 20 days.There are small shops and flex boards on all the major and busy roads and in most of the cases these shops extend to the footpaths, forcing pedestrians to walk on the roads. In many instances, customers park their vehicles right in front of these roadside vendors, leading to severe traffic congestions.

District Collector K N Satheesh said that a notice will be served on all roadside encroachments. “This is even applicable for flex boards and Secretariat agitations. The decision was taken in the wake of a High Court order in this regard,” he said.

With the district administration enforcing the rule, the problems that pedestrians face will be solved to a great extent. The officials also said that these vendors won’t be rehabilitated as they had illegally occupied the footpaths and roads in the city.


At the same time , the vendors are troubled for losing their selling area and have to start hunting their new space to resume busines.