Technopark Phase III: Work In Progress

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Trivandrum: Technopark Phase III, consisting of an IT comples of around 1 million square feet, is almost nearing its inauguration.
The project, with an estimate of Rs 240 crores, is being constructed on 93 acres of land and around 90% of the works have been completed, said Rahul Thampi, Deputy Manager of Technopark.

Measures like providing the building with double glazing glasses which allows only light and not heat to pass through thereby saving power, specially designed HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), solar lighting, etc. were recognised with gold certification from Indian Green Building Council, adding the credit ‘green building’ to the phase III. The building is equipped with 100% back up of power with a diesel generator. It facilitates connectivity of internet service providers like Asianet, BSNL, KELNET, TATA, Airtel etc. It also provides parking facilities for 750 cars at a time. Technopark is also providing Smart Business Centres, furnished work spaces, where companies can avail plug and play facilities to start business. Unfurnished space is rented for Rs.35/sq. feet while furnished are available for Rs.65/sq feet in the Technopark campus.

Fresh Milk For Trivandrum

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With fresh milk in provide in the district, guarantee to generate more litres will be a relaxing prospect. The Vithura Jersey farm, handled by the district panchayat, is going through modernisation and is predicted to improve manufacturing to 3,000 litres a day.
If sound animal husbandry methods were to be implemented, the output can be improved progressively to 6,000 litres, says the Kerala State Housing Board, nodal agency for the modernisation project, in its specific project report.The report says the location of the farm is perfect with many good-natured aspects for establishing up an computerized dairy farm. The project envisages a completely prepared medium-level computerized cattle farm complicated with facilities for increasing quality milch cows.

The computerized parlour will have a cow pusher, an recognition system, an action-tracking system, a manufacturing statistic and automated with a weight of system and a teat-spraying system. The performance reports of cows will be integrated with a dairy farm management details system of the computerised milking parlour. The system will help senior farm officers monitor and review milk production, with daily back-ups sent to them through an e-mail and file-sharing system. Remote desktop connections can be provided in the offices of the higher officials for online review the performance of the farm.

Why Vastu Shastra?

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Vastu is an ancient Indian science that helps us develop better homes and offices. Some of us mistake it to be a religion, but it’s not.  It’s a connection between man and nature. The key five elements in anything and everything are Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space. Earth is the only planet we know that have all this elements in perfect harmony. Vastu helps us understand this harmony eventfully supports us in creating a perfect world of our own, be it home or office.

Vastu is the science of directions that works along with these 5 elements called “Panchabootas”. It is the quest to find the perfect balance between man and nature. Each element attracts a special gift from the universe; there is nothing mystic about this. Vastu is a well calculate science that plays around with these elements. It’s very important that residential and commercial building are constructed based on this science, as there can be problems with the life in the building. If used properly, Vastu brings benefits and prosperity to the building.


Irrespective of size, shape, colour or chemical/ physical composition, everything in the world has Pachabootas as their origin. Everything has a peculiar vibration levels that evades the intelligence of human. These vibrations are calculated in Vastu which makes it a science that can help to reduce the problems faces by people as well as commercial organisations. Sometime small errors in the configuration of building create disharmony in the vibration of panchbootas, which creates sickness or loss for the people living in it.

By bringing Vastu into your life, you are bringing balance with the nature and living in harmony with the powers of universe.

Obey Traffic Rules, Rishi Raj Singh Watching You

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The Motor Vehicle Department on Saturday increased its drive towards speeding and helmetless riding by two-wheelers on guidelines from Transport Commiss­ion­er Rishi Raj Singh, and suspended the licenses of 42 people in Kochi and 10 in Thrissur on Saturday.

Steps have been taken to suspend the license of 310 people who have been caught yesterday for not wearing helmets. Actions have been taken against 58 persons for over speeding. License of the traffic violators will be suspended for one month. Penalty of 1000 Rupees will be charged for using helmets which have no ISI mark.

The Transport Commissi­oner, who, on Friday, warned that licenses of two-wheeler riders would be cancelled if they were found speeding, said that the period of suspension was a minimum of 30 days as an initial measure.

“The licenses will be suspended for an indefinite period for over-speeding. As per the rule the maximum speed in city limits for two-wheelers is only 50 kmph,” he said.

Also on Saturday, 72 vehicles were booked for not removing their sunfilms. The Department raked in Rs 58, 000 in fines alone.

“The licenses will be suspended for an indefinite period for over-speeding. As per the rule the maximum speed in city limits for two-wheelers is only 50 kmph,” he said.

Onam Celebration in Trivandrum

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Kerala Tourism’s State-level Onam celebrations came to an end yesterday with the colourful Onam pageantry from Kowdiar to East Fort. Governor Nikhil Kumar flagged off the procession in Kowdiar.

Around 3,000 participants exhibited their prowess in various art forms at the pageantry. There are 75 floats and performances of 68 different art forms. The pageantry led by an ‘Onappottan’, a representation of King Mahabali which is popular in the Malabar region. There are  various art forms like Vattamudi Theyyam, Kali-Darikan and Poothan Thira. A 25-member fusion drum team was another addition.


Art forms from other States such as Gujarati dance, Yakshagana, Manipuri dance, and Bhangra dance are also included in the pageantry. The various colourful floats displayed Kerala’s achievements in various fields. State government institutions, Central government institutions, cooperatives, banks, local self government institutions, and private institutions would take out floats for the procession.

Thiruvananthapuram is getting ready for Onam Celebrations

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The Chief Minister Oomen Chandy will Inaugurate the Onam Celebrations on September 14 at the Central Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram. Actor Sridevi Kapoor will be the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony at the stadium. Leading Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran will also attend as guest of honour.  In inclusion to 27 venues in the capital, Varkala, Chirayinkil, Shanghumughom, Aruvikkara, Neyyar Dam and Akkulam in the district, programmes will be held in Ernakulam and Kozhikode and in other district headquarters during the week.

Dealing with a press conference in Trivandrum on Saturday, Mr. Anil Kumar, Minister for Tourism mentioned the Onam flag will be hoisted in the Kanakakunnu palace on September 13 by Minister for Culture, K. C. Joseph. Later, the illumination from Raj Bhavan to East fort will be switched on by Minister for Health and Devaswom, V. S. Sivakumar.  There were 5,000 artistes will alone take part in the week-long programmes in the capital. An spending of Rs. 2.20 crore is estimated for the Onam Celebrations. Emphasis on traditional art forms, kathakali, kite flying, rock show, laser show and making Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan as a major venue are highlights of the week-long celebrations. The celebrations will conclude with the pageantry from Vellayambalam to East Fort on September 20.


Best time to Invest in Real Estate for NRI’s

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According to The Reports From Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India’s (Assocham) , Houses in India about 20-30% cheaper for NRIs A downgrading rupee has created properties in India nearly 20 to 30 per cent cheaper for non-resident Indians (NRIs)

Dropping rupee sparks property boom from NRIs It’s absolutely not good news for people back home, but for a non-resident Indian (NRI), this is absolutely the best time to invest. At the moment in time any non-resident Indian buying a property in India can save all over 20-30 per cent on his/her property value.

The rupee has dropped by about 34 per cent towards the US dollar since August 2011 and reach an all-time low of 64.62 against the dollar last week. And EMIs for NRI is less in dollars and they can buy property cheaper

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How To Celebrate Onam

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Onam Is The Largest And Most Well-Liked Competition Of Harvest Coming In Barely Few Days And It’s The Foremost Splendid Competition Celebrated By The Individuals Of Kerala. On This Day, One Will See Vibrant Hues Of Flower Patches On The Bottom In Each Home, Show Of Tasty Preparation And Traditional Snake Boat Races.


Here Are Some Concepts Inorder To Celebrate Onam In Your Home :


Formulate A Community To Celebrate Onam:
The families will organise a gathering at their home, whereby they’ll form a community and invite relatives and neighbours to celebrate the ceremony with elegance and gaiety.

Decorative Festival:

One will celebrate this festival even a lot more fascinating by creating it a themed festival whereby one will dress, cook and cherish activities associated with the theme.

Organise A Feast Within The Housing:

There are innumerable means through which one can serve the ” Onasadya ” which is the a lot of absorbing allotment of Onam and is the nine advance meal consisting of 11 to 13 capital dishes. One can either serve this adorable meal to their guests at their home, organise an affair and action the feast or admit a accelerating meal, area anniversary being in an accommodation can adapt one advance anniversary and allure their neighbours. Ensure that one serves this adorable meal on a assistant blade in a acceptable way.

Plan An Affair To Look At The Snake Boat Chase On The Television:


The perspective of snake boat chase continues to be practiced with abundant affectation and look in various locations of Kerala. These contest are telecasted on various channels. To feature agreeableness and spirit to the pageant, one will attract all his/her neighbours to look at the snake baiter chase in his/her living accommodations.

Onam Games Within The Apartment:

The day of remembrance features an acclaimed attitude of arena incidental amateur accepted as Onakalikal (Onam games). a number of them are, Talappanthukali (played with ball), Ambeyyal (Archery), pulikali (Tiger/Leopard play) Kutukutu and combats alleged Kayyankali and Attakalam. One will get the foundations and norms of the amateur on-line in adjustment to play at their flat.

Cultural Activities For Women:

Women can allow in cultural activities like creating pookkalam and assuming ball art forms like Thiruvathirakali and Kummattikali. An appartment can also hold a competition of dance forms.

Onam Fancy Dress:

This is one of the plenty of interesting activities through one will bless this festival. Adults, children and senior citizens will yield allotment within the Onam fancy dress competition and characterize the acceptation of the festival.
Atha Pookalam Creation:

Athapookkalam or Onapookalam is one in all the necessary characteristics of Onam celebration. Pookalam (flower carpet) is an convoluted and vibrant floral arrangement set on the ground. This attitude of decorating Pookalam is actual accepted and is followed as a custom in every ancestors during the ten day continued Onam anniversary celebrations. The accommodation administration can charm humans to actualize pookkalam during the ten canicule of Onam and they can as well conduct a pookkalam antagonism on Thiruvonam day, which is the capital and final day of Onam.


Gift Exchange:

One will provide gifts to their precious ones to form them feel special.


ID cards for auto drivers in city

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Autorickshaw drivers will soon be needed to get identity cards being given by the city Corporation.
The decision was taken at a traffic advisory panel organised at the Corporation on Friday.
In September last year, 10,000 cards were granted and an approximated 23,000 more drivers are still to obtain cards.

Keltron is in charge of providing the cards. Once applied, the scheme will assist the public report erring drivers and vehicles without permits will be held off Corporation limits.
The conference also moved upon the development of pre-paid auto counters at Thampanoor and Pettah railway stations. This venture is detailed in this year’s Corporation budget. General Hospital was one of the areas originally mooted but because of lack of space for placing up a counter, the Corporation determined on Thampanoor.
Since a large ground for parking is impractical in a city pushed for space, the city Corporation is attempting to identify smaller plots such as spaces beneath flyovers.

Insulating home from Heat

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We build our home with love and care all us want what’s best for it. And if what’s best for it is good for our home planet too, that’s double profit. Energy is one of the major concerns for home makes and environment. If we use more energy it affects our pockets as well as earth. That’s where Heat insulation for home comes handy.
Heat/ Thermal insulation works as the agent to reduce the transfer of heat from outside to inside. This is the best choices to make house heat proof. You home is insulated will be more comfortable as the temperature will remain consistent irrespective of whether outside. It makes the home comfortable to live as it keeps it cooler. So in the extreme weather change in Kerala and all the humidity around, you will stay cool and comfortable. Thus you won’t be using any other modes to cool your home, which will reduce your energy usage. The temperature of the home will be independent of the outside temperature.
The Thermal resistance of the material will depend on the type of material and the thickness, so it very important that you use the right material for your average weather condition. While insulation you also need to consider the orientation and design of the building. The building should be designed in such a way that entry of light and heat from the sun is maximum in the winters and minimum during summers.


While purchasing the insulation material please keep in mind the cost of it, the area it need to cover and the standard of insulation required. Other factors that need to be considered are that , it should be reasonably fire proof, should not absorb moisture, resistance to insect attacks also tendency of deformation. Some of the common thermal insulation materials are gypsum board, slag slabs, rock wool, aluminium foils, asbestos cement board, foam glass, gasket cork sheet, foam plastic etc
You can always contact your builders and contractors to know more about these material and way in installation. By installing this insulation you are keeping your home and earth cooler at the same time.

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