How To Re-design your Garden..

27th June, 2012    comments

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Gardening is often called the only living art form. Like any form of art, designing a garden is subjective. Although gardening successfully requires learning certain skills, in the end, a garden’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are no fixed rules to garden design. No garden design is ever finished. Plants fail, tastes change & weather is unpredictable.

Here are some easy tips for redesigning your garden :gardening

1. Learn from Last year’s Mistakes: At the end of every gardening season look over the list of disappointments and make notes of what not to plant next year or what to watch out for earlier in the season.

2.Start off on the Right Foot: Now that we’ve reviewed what worked and what didn’t, take a moment to consider what plants will be happy in our sunny, sandy, humid garden. They say a healthy plant is better able to withstand diseases and pests, so my next resolution will be to keep my plants healthy and happy.

3.Plant more Fragrant Flowers: There’s not been much point in stopping to smell the roses lately. Most of them have no scent at all. Like a flavorless tomato that was bred to ship without bruising, flower breeders fed out need for longer bloom periods and larger flowers, at the expense of fragrance. We want to get the same thrill when the lilac buds start to open, every time we walk into our garden.

4.Be More Daring with Containers: As grasses become garden staples, they are also finding their way into more and more containers. Growing ornamental grasses in containers is a great way to feature grasses without the worry of them spreading or taking over the garden.

5. Plant More Shrubs:  There was awhile there where new perennials were the holy grail of the gardening world. We went crazy every time a Hosta showed a new stripe. Trees and shrubs were for common landscapers, not cultivated gardeners. Well, have you seen the shrubs out there on the market recently? They’re textured. They’re colorful, They have flowers and berries. They don’t require months of endless pinching and primping.

6.Use More Foliage with Colour and Texture: Along the same line as planting more shrubs, resolve to make better use of plants with interesting forms and texture and perennials with colorful foliage. No plant blooms incessantly all season, but there’s no stopping great foliage.

garden 7. Mulch Early: Every spring we wait to see what plants have self-seeded and which tender perennials made it through the winter and will be putting in an encore appearance. I’m always delightfully surprised, but I am also way behind in mulching my garden. Waiting for flower seedlings to emerge means I’m also giving weed seedlings time to pop up – everywhere. This year I’m going to mulch early. If I lose a few self-seeders, I’ll make up for it with more time to plant because I’ll be doing less weeding.

8.Plant for Fall in the Spring:We want instant gratification after a long, dull winter and a bunch of plants that languish for 3 months of the growing season just don’t have that great an appeal. But fall is such a beautiful season and the garden can really come back to life as the cooler weather sets in. This year you just  hunt out plants that bloom, fruit and flare into color in the fall.




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