Technopark to add 45,000 new jobs by 2016

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Moving in a growth trajectory,Technopark here has charted out an ambitious target of creating 45,000 new jobs during 2014-16 as part of its efforts to emerge as India’s IT powerhouse.

Technopark, poised to celebrate silver jubilee next year, now provides 45,000 direct employment for IT/ITeS professionals through its 330 companies on its campus.

With the completion of current construction activities this year of TCS, Infosys, UST Global, Tata Elxsi, IBS and Technopark’s Phase III building, around 45,000 additional direct jobs will be created,leading to a total of 90,000 direct jobs and 3,50,000 indirect jobs, a Techopark release said today.

Technopark CEO K G Girish Babu said the capacity built during the last 24 years would be doubled during the next two years in terms of employment through companies located in the IT park.

Technopark’s export turnover was estimated to be around Rs 5,000 crore in 2014-15 as compared to Rs 3,500 crore in 2012-13. It also added 1.1 million sq ft of built-up space during the period.

While construction of buildings in 2.5 million sq ft was progressing, to be completed within a year, Infosys, TCS, UST Global, Tata Elxsi and IBS were building their own spaces.

Technopark Phase II is an 86-acre Special Economic Zone campus being jointly developed by Infosys and UST Global. When fully developed, it can accommodate 50,000 IT/ITeS professionals.

“With the commissioning of the Twin Towers — Ganga and Yamuna – a capacity of 8,500 seats has been created in Phase III. A total of 40 companies have been allotted space in the new Twin Tower. Another 18 companies are to commence their operations shortly,” Babu said.

With an yearly rental of Rs 49 crore,the annual turnover of Technopark is pegged at around Rs 100 crore, including incomes from power, water and maintenance services, helping it continue its profitable operation since 2001., the first and the largest IT park in the country, has charted out an ambitious target of creating 45,000 new jobs during 2014-16, as part of its efforts to emerge as India’s IT powerhouse.

With these additions, the total number of people it would employ will reach 90,000.

Technopark, which is poised to celebrate its silver jubilee next year, currently provides direct employment to 45,000 IT/ITeS professionals through its 330 IT companies.

With the completion of ongoing construction this year for companies TCS, Infosys, UST Global, Tata Elxsi, IBS and Technopark’s Phase III building, around 45,000 additional direct jobs will be created, leading to a total of 90,000 direct jobs and 3,50,000 indirect jobs.

Technopark CEO K.G. Girish Babu said the capacity built during the last 24 years would be doubled during the next two years in terms of employment through companies located in the IT park.

Technopark’s export turnover during the financial year 2013-14 could be around Rs.5,000 crore as compared to Rs.3,500 crore in 2012-13. It has also added 1.1 million sq ft of built-up space during this period.

Under Phase I and II of Technopark, construction of buildings on a total area of 2.5 million sq ft is in progress and will be completed within a year.

The companies building their own campuses are Infosys, TCS, UST Global, Tata Elxsi and IBS.

“With the commissioning of the Twin Towers – Ganga and Yamuna – a capacity of 8,500 seats has been created in Phase III. This iconic twin tower, the most modern green building built by the state government, will also be filled by 2015. A total of 40 companies have been allotted space in the new Twin Tower. Another 18 companies are to commence their operations shortly,” said Babu.

With an yearly rental income of Rs.49 crore, the annual turnover of Technopark has been pegged at around Rs.100 crore, which includes income from power, water and maintenance services, that has helped it to continue its profitable operation since 2001.




Global Tender for Vizhinjam Port Project Floated

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The state government on Wednesday floated global tender to choose the private partner for operating the Vizhinjam International Deepwater Multipurpose Seaport. This assumes significance since the tender has been floated a day after an expert committee of the environment ministry recommended environmental clearance for the Rs 5,000-crore project.

Green Nod for Vizhinjam Port

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An expert panel of the environment ministry on Tuesday recommended environmental/CRZ clearance for the first phase of the Rs 5, 000 crore Vizhinjam International Seaport Limited project.

“The environment clearance has been a dream come true for all Keralites who have been wishing for the state’s development,” K Babu, state ports and excise minister, said.

The decision was taken by the environment and forests ministry’s expert appraisal committee.

Babu said that the Vizhinjam project will act as an international transhipment hub. “None of the other ports in the country has this capability and we will in fact be competing with not Tuticorin or Mangalore but with Colombo port. We expect Vizhinjam port to be completed within four years,” he said.

Vizhinjam seaport project going to be considered in EAC

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The Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) will be considering  the Vizhinjam international seaport project during the it’s next sitting from October 28-30 in New Delhi.The Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) had deferred considering the application of the State Government firm Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd (VISL) on the grounds that the State Government had not provided clarifications to representations submitted on the project during it’s last sitting.PP was also informed that some more representations have been handed over by some persons on the meeting day, a copy of which will also be provided to the State Government

However, Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd  officials said that the state has submitted clarifications to all the issues raised orally during the public hearing at Vizhinjam on June 29 and in writing subsequently.

‘’We have provided the clarifications backed by scientific evidence to all the issues raised.

Top scientists in the EAC will study them  and arrive at a conclusion,’’ VISL CEO A S Suresh Babu said. Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd  officials along with representatives of project consultants LT-Ramboll and other consultants AECOM, and the principal secretary, Ports, will be present at the EAC sitting next week.

Coach capacity of passenger trains getting increased

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The coach capacity of Ernakulum – Shoranor Passenger will be increased to ensure maximum passenger capacity. The mission is planned to be accomplished in two weeks time with devious effort.Coach capacity for two of the Ernakulam-Shoranur passenger services has already been increased from October 1.
P L Ashok Kumar, Ernakulam area manager, said, “they were able to operate only 10 to 13 coaches for the passenger trains to Shoranur due to the lack of pitline facility for maintenance on the station premises at Shoranur.”

“The current decision is to repair the passenger coaches at Ernakulam itself. Now, since there won’t be any pitline issue, we can increase the coaches for all the passengers operating to Shoranur,” he added. The coaches of passenger will be increased to 15 as per the present plan.The Railway officials added that these trains might also operate in other routes and so additional coaches will be beneficial to passengers in other locations too.The Thrissur Railways Passengers Association (TRPA) has been demanding the authorities to increase the coach capacity of the passenger trains and the decision will surely come as a relief to them.

Pedestrians in the city can walk in relief shortly!

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The hawkers occupying a major portion in the city are being served by eviction notice by the district administration.

This will avoid bottle neck traffic to a great extent.There are lots of small shops on the streets that serve as shopping paradise for those who are seeking cheeper products.The city roads, especially the one beside the University Men’s Hostel at palayam, are famous for second-hand booksellers.


As time passed, other hawkers too invaded the major space of the city and caused a head-ache for the traffic system.Presently a major portion of the area meant for pedestrians and motorists are occupied by these hawkers.

As such pedestrians have to struggle to walk along the road side, putting their in danger.


The district administration has decided to move all the enroachments within 20 days.There are small shops and flex boards on all the major and busy roads and in most of the cases these shops extend to the footpaths, forcing pedestrians to walk on the roads. In many instances, customers park their vehicles right in front of these roadside vendors, leading to severe traffic congestions.

District Collector K N Satheesh said that a notice will be served on all roadside encroachments. “This is even applicable for flex boards and Secretariat agitations. The decision was taken in the wake of a High Court order in this regard,” he said.

With the district administration enforcing the rule, the problems that pedestrians face will be solved to a great extent. The officials also said that these vendors won’t be rehabilitated as they had illegally occupied the footpaths and roads in the city.


At the same time , the vendors are troubled for losing their selling area and have to start hunting their new space to resume busines.


Children waiting for the auspicious day of their “Ezhuthiniruth”

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Vijayadashami is considered to be the auspicious day for the beginning of education. It is remarked as an important day in the academic calendars of schools. Parents prefer to start the education of their tots in any stream, art, music, academics.etc.

Each and everyone have their own believes on commencing the education on the day. A survey conducted among kinder gardens reveals that there is rise in the admissions during the period. As such they are reserving seats for the same.

Vijayadashami literally means “Victory of Dashmi”, dashmi is the tenth lunar day of hindu calendar month. It is also called Dussehra. The harvest season begins at this time and so the Mother Goddess is invoked to start the new harvest season and reactivate the vigour and fertility of the soil. This is done through religious performances and rituals which are thought to invoke cosmic forces that rejuvenate the soil. Many people of the Hindu faith observe through social gatherings and food offerings to the gods at home and in temples throughout Nepal and India.


The victory of Rama over Ravana is another significant reason to celebrate Vijayadashami. As such the nine days of Vijayadashami is considered really auspicious and the devotees take fasting in these days.

Beginning in an auspicious day will considerably give confidence and energy for our success.


Regional cancer centers to be launched in five districts

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Health Minister V S Sasikumar said on October 4th, 2013 that Mini Regional Cancer centres will be opened in five medical colleges in the state.He also added, after inaugurating the state-level Amrutham Arogyam programme jointly organised by the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and State Helath Department, that centres to treat cancer will be launched in all districts.
Sivakumar quoted,“Cancer treatment facilities will be launched in all primary health centres in major cities. Facilities that will be launched at primary health centres will give prominence to prevention of lifestyle diseases. A total of 2.5 lakh people aged between 30 and 60 years are dying annually due to lifestyle diseases. Programmes like Amrutham Arogyam are launched to create awareness among the public on the need to prevent lifestyle diseases,”

LEAP - Lifestyle Education and Awareness Programme, a programme to create awareness among children on lifestyle diseases will be launched district wide. Regarding the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) programme, Sivakumar said Rs 47.5 crore had already been sanctioned for the projects.  “The projects under the NUHM will be launched in five corporations and 12 municipalities in the state,” he said.  The Minister said the Union Government had already given approval for the Rs 100-crore project for converting the Thiruvananthapuram Regional Cancer Centre into a state cancer institute. “The Malabar Cancer Centre will be raised to the standards of a regional cancer centre and selected doctors will be given special training,” he added.

5% sand for financially aided houses from state government

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The financially aided houses from State Government are to be provided necessary sand recommended by the district level committee. Five percent of the mined sand from authorised banks is being set aside for these houses accordingly.The decision was taken by the District Collector Mr P I Sheik Pareeth at his camp office.  The decision for financial aid was taken as an account of complaints received that necessary sand was not provided for the construction. The houses that are constructed under Tsunami Relief Fund will also benefit this aid.

There are several restrictions on mining sand from the river banks. The expert committee meeting also decided to ask the government to take a final decision on the issuance of temporary permit to sand mining at river banks with an area of up to five hectares. The meeting also decided to recommend the government to consider raising the fund given to the district-level council for protection of river banks to `20 lakh. The District Collector said the district administration is trying to launch online sand pass system. “A permanent monitoring system will be launched for supervising the issuance of sand permits by various panchayats,” Pareeth said. The expert committee meeting will be convened once in every two months and the suggestion in this regard by district panchayat member Abdul Muthalib was approved by the meeting.

Kerala government promoting green building policy

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State Government associated with PWD(Public Works Department), is prepared to implement the Green Building Policy for advancing the eco-friendly techniques focusing on energy conservation.  The new head office of PWD is going to be the first project as part of the Green Building Policy Movement, launching at PMG Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. As a first step promotion State Govt is granting relaxation for the private builders to adopt the new policy. PWD secretary T O Sooraj said “In future, all new buildings constructed by the PWD will be made under the policy concept.

The new PWD head office will be constructed at a cost of `33 crore,” There are also plans to install energy-saving equipment at the existing government offices, which will help save energy. The proposal for extending relaxation in construction of buildings and tax deduction for private buildings are also under government consideration. According to the Green Policy, the state can announce annual awards for local bodies, including Corporations, municipalities and other urban bodies which are involved in undertaking green building activities. It was also proposed that the government take necessary steps to sign an MoU with Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Secretariat in the presence of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for large-scale promotion of green buildings in the state and to get all new and important buildings rated.As part of the policy awareness campaigns will be started in school from October to educate children about the importance and need of cleanliness..

Villa project in Trivandrum

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