How To Celebrate Onam

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Onam Is The Largest And Most Well-Liked Competition Of Harvest Coming In Barely Few Days And It’s The Foremost Splendid Competition Celebrated By The Individuals Of Kerala. On This Day, One Will See Vibrant Hues Of Flower Patches On The Bottom In Each Home, Show Of Tasty Preparation And Traditional Snake Boat Races.


Here Are Some Concepts Inorder To Celebrate Onam In Your Home :


Formulate A Community To Celebrate Onam:
The families will organise a gathering at their home, whereby they’ll form a community and invite relatives and neighbours to celebrate the ceremony with elegance and gaiety.

Decorative Festival:

One will celebrate this festival even a lot more fascinating by creating it a themed festival whereby one will dress, cook and cherish activities associated with the theme.

Organise A Feast Within The Housing:

There are innumerable means through which one can serve the ” Onasadya ” which is the a lot of absorbing allotment of Onam and is the nine advance meal consisting of 11 to 13 capital dishes. One can either serve this adorable meal to their guests at their home, organise an affair and action the feast or admit a accelerating meal, area anniversary being in an accommodation can adapt one advance anniversary and allure their neighbours. Ensure that one serves this adorable meal on a assistant blade in a acceptable way.

Plan An Affair To Look At The Snake Boat Chase On The Television:


The perspective of snake boat chase continues to be practiced with abundant affectation and look in various locations of Kerala. These contest are telecasted on various channels. To feature agreeableness and spirit to the pageant, one will attract all his/her neighbours to look at the snake baiter chase in his/her living accommodations.

Onam Games Within The Apartment:

The day of remembrance features an acclaimed attitude of arena incidental amateur accepted as Onakalikal (Onam games). a number of them are, Talappanthukali (played with ball), Ambeyyal (Archery), pulikali (Tiger/Leopard play) Kutukutu and combats alleged Kayyankali and Attakalam. One will get the foundations and norms of the amateur on-line in adjustment to play at their flat.

Cultural Activities For Women:

Women can allow in cultural activities like creating pookkalam and assuming ball art forms like Thiruvathirakali and Kummattikali. An appartment can also hold a competition of dance forms.

Onam Fancy Dress:

This is one of the plenty of interesting activities through one will bless this festival. Adults, children and senior citizens will yield allotment within the Onam fancy dress competition and characterize the acceptation of the festival.
Atha Pookalam Creation:

Athapookkalam or Onapookalam is one in all the necessary characteristics of Onam celebration. Pookalam (flower carpet) is an convoluted and vibrant floral arrangement set on the ground. This attitude of decorating Pookalam is actual accepted and is followed as a custom in every ancestors during the ten day continued Onam anniversary celebrations. The accommodation administration can charm humans to actualize pookkalam during the ten canicule of Onam and they can as well conduct a pookkalam antagonism on Thiruvonam day, which is the capital and final day of Onam.


Gift Exchange:

One will provide gifts to their precious ones to form them feel special.


Kerala State Film Awards 2013: Prithviraj bags Best Actor award,Rima kallingal Best Actress

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Celluloid was the Best Movie and Ozhimuzhi the Best Second Film  in the State Film Awards for the year 2013 .The awards were anounced by B. Ganesh Kumar, Minister for Sports and Cinema on Friday.
Prithviraj bagged the Best male actor award for the movie ‘Celluloid’ and ‘Ayalum Njanum Thammil’ and Rima Kallingal was awarded the best female actor award for the movie ’22 Female Kottayam’.
The movie ‘Celluloid’ bagged about seven awards for the year 2012.The Best Director Award went to Lal Jose for the movie ‘Ayalum Njanum Thammil’. Anjali Menon was adjudged the Best Script writer for the movie ‘Manjaddikuru’.

Make the perfect Christmas table inside the house..

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Decorations are a part of our life. Apart from choosing the right furniture, one has to be careful in choosing the right decorations for every occasion. The accessories we use say a lot about who we are and what we choose to present to the world. And Christmas is an even more wonderful occasion to do so.

In preparing your Christmas table, you have to be ready to do some thinking about the decorations as well. You can go crazy on this one – we won’t judge!

1. One of the things that sets the tone for your Christmas table is your other decorations in the house. If, say, you chose to go all minimal this year and decorate it all with white and red, maybe it’s a bit too much to add a lot of colors and sparkle at your dinner table. Also, be weary of how your tree is decorated and where it is located in your home.

2. Special Christmas sets are a great idea. You can choose to decorate your table with Christmas-themed plates and glasses, or you may choose to use your existing silverware and only decorate with placemats .

3. Get inspired by nature! Even if you choose not to have a natural tree, you can buy a few branches and use them as decorations. Or, you can use edible decoration, it’s not only fun, but delicios as well.

4. Get children involved in the decorating process. They always want to help: you can add them to the process of decorating the table and even ask for ideas; they might provide you with some amazing ones.

5. Don’t forget to have fun. It’s Christmas; holidays are supposed to be fun. Personalize your dinner table as much as you can and do what makes you feel better. It’s the season to be jolly, after all

How to Prepare DIY Party Lights

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Impress your guests with these colorful and beautiful balloon lights! They are incredibly simple to make too:

Materials needed: balloons, glue, water, colored yarn.

Instructions: Blow up balloon, dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon. Wait to dry completely, and pop balloon.

Pet comfort – why pets are an absolute essential

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You have just swept the floor when your dog comes swishing in with his muddy paws. Your hamster chewed through the cable again. Sure, there are things that could go wrong with having pets at home. But for those of us who have pets, even a day without our little companions seems impossible! They simply brighten our day, with their spirit for life, their innocence, and their ever forgiving presence. It’s a comfort to know that they will always be there to see us through thick and thin. Most of us love animals but are hesitant to get pets thinking of the extra responsibility. But the sense of joy, wellness and quality that the little creature brings to your life, transcends that extra time and effort you need to carve out for him. If you are still unconvinced, here are 10 reasons why you absolutely should consider getting home your own pet!Pets

  1. Companion for life: Let’s face it, we are living a hectic life, where everyone is outside the house throughout the day. It gets lonely at times, and it’s really a warm content feeling to have someone waiting for you back home.  Dogs have a habit of moulding their schedule to yours. So they will always be there to welcome you no matter what. And they don’t take leave on holidays! And if you have elderly folks at home, pets will keep them company throughout the day.
  2. Exercise: We need regular physical exercise regardless of our age. But we are so busy with our work and life that we hardly get time to get any. If you have a dog, taking it for a walk regularly becomes a nice healthy exercise routine.
  3. Routine: Having a pet brings routine to your life. Caring for it makes you wake up in the morning on a lazy day and you remain active.
  4. Stress Buster: Pets are the biggest stress busters in our lives. Studies show that older people with pets tend to exhibit less stress, because they feel loved. Waking up in the morning to a wagging tail make everyone happy!
  5. Protection: There is no better burglar alarm system than a dog. Barking dogs tend to make thieves run for their lives. And not just dogs, even geese have been known to be pretty fierce house guards!
  6. Going out: When you have a pet, you tend to get out of the house more regularly. That keeps you connected to life. Be it a Frisbee pay in the park or a veterinary check up.
  7. Make new friends: Having pets gets you involved in social circles of pet owners. You meet new people, make friends and share the wisdom. There are number of events that keep you involved in the society development, like communal walks and charitable events that cater to protecting animals.
  8. Taking care: You and your pet are companions for life. You need your pet and your pet needs you. The satisfaction of taking care of something is really great and it brings purpose to life.  You family might not need you, but you dog will always be on your side.
  9. Investing in a life: Having a pet means you are investing in a life, thus you are involved in the life of another living being. That itself should be pretty satisfying!
  10. New Interests: There are lots of new interests and activities that you are exposed to when you have a pet. Like cleaning the neighbourhood park where you take your dog for walk. There are some elder’s homes that encourage pet owners to bring their pets to home as companion to the folks.

ICICI, HDFC, Vijaya Bank cut home loan rates

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ICICI Bank, HDFC and Vijaya Bank have joined the ranks of lenders cutting rates for the festival season, bringing down rates by up to 100 basis points on their home loans. Under the festival scheme, ICICI Bank will offer home loans of Rs 30 lakh at 10.25% and charge 10.5% for loans above Rs 30 lakh to Rs 3 crore. “The same rate of interest is applicable for home loans with one and two years fixed rate tenures. For a fixed rate loan of three years tenure, the offering is at 10.50% for loans below Rs 30 lakh and 10.75% for the loans above Rs 30 lakh and up to Rs 3 crore,” an ICICI Bank spokesperson said.Home loans

HDFC, the largest housing finance company, also matched ICICI’s move by reducing rates for loans up to Rs 30 lakh to 10.25% and for loans between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 75 lakh to 10.5%. Bangalore-based Vijaya Bank now charges interest in the range of 10.5% to 10.75% on home loans ranging from 5 to 20 years. On loans between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 75 lakh, the interest range is from 10.75% to 11% for 5 to 20 years. On loans above Rs 75 lakh, the interest ranges between 11-11.5%. The bank has also cut interest on auto loans to 11% from 11.3% earlier and now offers loans up to 7 years.

All the lenders’ are offering the new rates for the festive period and can be availed by new borrowers only as benchmark rates have not been revised. The country’s largest lender, State Bank of India, continues to be the most competitive among all lenders. It offers loans up to Rs 30 lakh at 10%, loans between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 75 lakh at 10.75% and loans above Rs 75 lakh at 10.15%.

Other public sector banks such as Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank have introduced festival schemes offering a waiver of processing fees on home and auto loans.

Chief Minister Announces the Take off of Air kerala on April 14..

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Thiruvananthapuram : Air Kerala, the state government’s airline, would be launched April 14, 2013, to coincide with Vishu, new year’s day in the Malayalam calendar, says Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.
“It (Air Kerala) will be airborne April 14. The only question is whether the first flight will be an international or domestic one. Next month, we will be applying to the director general of civil aviation with the preliminary capital of Rs. 100 crore, which we will raise by then,” says the minister.

First Time In The City: Israeli Martial Arts Training

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The city will soon have a first-hand experience of the Israeli martial art Krav Maga. The self-defence system, which is popular worldwide especially owing to its real-life situations, will be made familiar by Vicky Kapoor, the country’s topmost trainer in Krav Maga.Israeli Martial Arts Training

The Kerala chapter of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) will be organising a seven-day boot camp in the city during August 20-26. Vicky Kapoor and his team will give one-to-one combat lessons to the participants. The team will bring a number of equipment, including protective gear, for the training sessions. From the basic practitioner level P-1, training will be given till P-3 in seven days.

8 ways to Incorporate Butterflies into Your Home Decor

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Vinyl Record Butterflies
Make butterflies for your wall by heating vinyl records in the oven and thencutting them – fashion into a butterfly shape and let cool. vinyl

Cute Cloche

Use paper butterflies and a glass dome to recreate an expensive home decor piece.Cute Cloche
Pretty Mobile

You can use up your fabric scraps for this mobile, which would look great in a baby’s room or on an outdoor

Paper Wreath

This wreath was made with a common and surprising material: paper bags.paper


Table Linens

Print clip art butterflies onto iron-on transfer paper, then decorate table linens for your next party.table


Wall Art

Make the “canvas” with scrap wood or a pallet – the rest is just paper and wire.Wall Art


Specimen Art

Use paper butterflies to substitute for the real thing – attach them to a frame using craft glue.butterflies-after-close
Flutter Pillow

Add felt butterflies to pillows with simple sewing – or use fabric glue for a no-sew option.Flutter Pillow


Narain Karthikeyan to perform in his Formula One Racing Car at Trivandrum during Onam Celebrations

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India’s ace formula one racer Narain Karthikeyan will kick start the Onam celebrations of Kerala tourism department with his high speed racing performance at Trivandrum this year. Karthikeyan will perform in his Hispania Racing Team Formula One car from Kowdiar to the Palayam  Chandrashekharan Nair stadium to inaugurate the offical Onam celebrations in the state.


Villa project in Trivandrum

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