Bathroom Tiles

20th October, 2012    comments

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Bathroom tiles are defined as manufactured pieces of different materials like ceramic, porcelain, stone or any suitable material to be used for bathroom walls and floors.Bathroom-Tiles_07

There are many types of tiles produced in classic and modern styles, to suit all home decorations and types.Those who love the elegant looks for their houses will always be watching the new types and shapes featured in the markets.

But in all cases, it is better for everyone to make their decision between sticking with the common appearance and creating a new look for the bathroom.The extraordinary choice is not difficult if it meets your home class and style, but it can also break the whole look if it is not appropriate. Before going through the details of bathroom tiles, it is better to give a hint about the decorative tiles and the types produced for both; the modern house and the classic one. Bathroom-Tiles_08

Ceramic tiles were originally the most common type used for all homes before the new era of modern home styles. The other types produced now vary between ceramics, porcelain, natural stone, lime stone, glass tiles, and mosaic tiles –which can also be made of glass or lime stone.
Natural stone tiles are big sized tiles made for bathrooms and are sometimes preferred for home floors for an extraordinary look. They became more popular for bathroom floors and walls, and they helped in creating a fascinating appearance for those who love modern bathroom styles.

They are more popular than granite tiles, which were used to give an exquisite look in large bathrooms.Bathroom-Tiles_05
Glass tiles are made in different forms, and they are not usually used alone. They are used to complete the appearance you need to show in your bathroom, and they are usually used with wall tiles, not floors.

Very small sized glass tiles, such as mosaic, are paired with elegant colored large tiles for the walls and porcelain tiles on the floors to create a sophisticated look. Choosing the right type of tile decoration for your bathroom is not difficult.

You may choose ceramic and porcelain tiles for the floors as they are the most common, and use the big size for a more modern look. The best type of wall tile decoration is the glass tiles; however, they can’t be used alone. The small glass and mosaic tiles can be paired in small sized combinations to give a sophisticated look, and they can also be used with bigger tiles for elegant shapes.Bathroom-Tiles_34

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both suitable for classic and modern bathroom styles, and their usage can be determined according to the size of the plates.